13 Advantages of Artificial insemination in animals

Artificial insemination in animals

Artificial insemination is the deliberate introduction of sperm into a female's cervix or uterine cavity for the purpose of achieving a pregnancy through in vivo fertilization by means other than sexual intercourse or in vitro fertilisation.

 (1): It increases the efficiency of bull usage:

In the A.I. program, the proven bull is being used. These bulls are on the pedigree or progeny record based. In a breeding season, a bull can provide maximum service to 100 females, and that bull is of good quality. But with A.I., thousands of females can be inseminated. So the efficiency of bulls’ usage increases.

(2): It increases the potential for genetic selection:

In the natural, bull serves 100 cows; 60-70 % is successful, so for the next election, only 60-70 calves are there. In the case of A.I., selection increases.

(3): It decreases the inbreeding:

In nature, there is increase inbreeding, and that is dangerous because lethal genes are transmitted from generation to generation. With AI, inbreeding is reduced.

(4): It is cost-effective:

To keep a bull, more expenses are required. So if we use A.I., that is economical.

(5): A.I. technique increases the safety of animals:

It controls the early mating or pregnancy. Premature mating leads to dystocia at the time of birth, which may also lead to the death of animals. If a male is mature and heifer is a young one, there are chances of permanent injury to heifer when male jumps. A. I can avoid this.

(6): A.I. increases the safety of herd man:

In 1980, a 2-3 % death of herd man was due to injury by a bull in America. So by using A.I., it can be avoided.

AI in animals
AI in animals

(7): It decreases the transmission of disease:

Diseases transmitted by coitus like trichomoniasis, brucellosis, campylobacteriosis. In natural if the bull is infected, females will also be infected. But in A.I. after collection of semen, it is processed and checked for any pathogen. For precautionary measures, there is the addition of antibiotics.

(8): A.I. technique helps in the diagnosis of male infertility:

For the evaluation of bull, there is mating behavior and semen quality. Natural mating is proper, but poor quality semen will be diagnosed later after 5-6 months by pregnancy testing. But with A.I. after each collection, the semen is checked for fertility so that diagnosis is earlier and reliable. So it helps in a screening of male diseases.

(9): It helps to provide service at doorstep:

Only a semen container is taken to the place where needed and is an easier one. So it aids in the breeding program. Semen can be spread worldwide

(10): Storage:

Sound quality can be stored for years, even after the death of the bull. Semen can be stored for 25-28 years under optimum storage conditions.

(11): Sex determination:

At national herd, level sexed semen is used to control the sex of offspring.

(12): Allied techniques:

In A.I., the transfer of embryo helps in allied techniques, like embryo transfer, in vitro fertilization, etc.

(13): Life of sire:

A.I. increases sire life. In natural mating, there is a possibility of injury, but in A.I., that is reduced.

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