10 Drawbacks of Artificial Insemination in animals

Drawbacks of Artificial Insemination (AI)

  • AI technique decreases the efficiency of heat detection. In natural environment, males and females are kept together, and heat detection is carried out by a more efficient bull. So it is recommended that teasers should be used for heat detection or rely on techniques like ELISA, RIA.
  • If the wrong bull is used in A.I., thousands of females will be inseminated, and thus AI may become main vector in transmission of venereal diseases.
  • High skilled human resources are required for handling, collection, processing, evaluation and insemination of semen, and heat detection, etc. Missing one step will lead to the failure of A.I.
  • A robust sexual health program is required for the success of A.I.

The constraint of A.I.

  • The small number of breeding bulls.
  • No reliable A.I. services
  • No knowledge of allied problems.
Artificial Insemination drawback
Artificial Insemination drawback

Why are we far behind in this technique?

(1): Lack of genetic potential:

Good genetic makeup of the source bull is necessary to make AI a success. Lack of good genetic potential is a main hurdle in failure of artificial insemination.

(2): Acute shortage of breeding Bulls:

The problem is an acute shortage of breeding bull, and this in the case of buffalo is 1:138 and if we include the urban area, then 1:171. In the case of cattle, it is 1:19It shows the shortage of bull. The reason is that we just keep females; 6-12 month males are sold for meat.

(4): Lack of trained human resources:

Due to a lack of sufficient knowledge, this technique is failing in some countries. At the government level, there must be a training program.

(5): Lack of infrastructure:

The facility of offices, roads, transport, system, and residence is less. Veterinary service should be provided for 24 hours because the animal can be in heat at any time.

(6): Research:

Need to work more on deep freezing and storage of semen. When semen preservation is completed, the mortality is 40-45 %. Transportation stress decreases it further due to increased temperature and jerks. There are no optimum storage conditions in hospitals. There is also a lack of knowledge of the storage of semen.

(7): Availability of liquid nitrogen:

The availability of liquid nitrogen is also a problem. At the bottom of the container, the temperature is -196 oC, and at the top, it is -124 oC. The temperature rises due to an insufficient supply of liquid nitrogen, so semen quality deteriorates.

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