7 Factors that can predispose farm animals to diseases

Diseases in Farm Animals:

1. Malnutrition: 

This can expose farm animals to disease. Young animals denied colostrums can develop low immunity and may fall sick easily.

Colostrum is the first stage of breast milk. It develops during pregnancy and lasts for several days after birth.

diseases in farm animals

2. Harsh Weather Conditions: 

This can cause farm animal disease e.g. cold causes pneumonia and can affect the production of eggs, milk, and wool. High temperature leads to heat stress in animals and poor ventilation can aid the development of agents causing diseases. 

3. Injury and Poorly Treated Wounds: 

Injury to udders can bring about diseases in cows, while poorly treated wounds can lead to tetanus infections, causing harm to the animals. 

4. Overcrowding and Uncontrolled Mating:

Overcrowding of animals can lead to diseases e.g. airborne diseases. Uncontrolled mating can lead to sexually transmissible diseases. 

5. Poor Handling, Poor Sanitation, and Poor Housing: 

Animals may be injured when not properly handled. A dirty housing environment can lead to farm animal diseases. Animals kept under a leaking roof or poorly ventilated houses may be prone to disease. 

6. Inbreeding Depression: 

Mating closely related animals can cause diseases in farm animals. For example, scrotal hernia in pigs. 

7. Improper Use of Drugs: 

Overdose, underdose or unjudicious use of veterinary drugs can lead to more harm in animals.

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