Cannibal Alligator Caught Eating Another Alligator

A resident of Lakeland, Florida spotted an awe-inspiring sight: A 12-foot alligator eating another of its kind.

Cannibal Alligator Caught Eating Another Alligator
Cannibal Alligator Caught Eating Another Alligator

Alex Figuero was walking along a trail on the Circle B Bar reserve, a protected area spanning 1,200 acres, when he and several others noticed a large gator chomping down on a smaller, less fortunate one.

Luckily, he was able to capture the event in the video above, which has unsurprisingly gone viral.

The gator can be seen shaking and chewing the smaller reptile, a method they use to break the bones of their prey to make it easier to swallow and digest.

Generally, alligators eat fish, snakes, turtles, birds, and small mammals. However, cannibalism is considered a typical behavior for this species. In fact, one study of a Florida marsh showed that 6 to 7 percent of the resident juvenile alligators were eaten by their larger counterparts over the span of a year. The majority of those cannibalized were under 3 years old.

Cannibal Alligator Caught Eating Another Alligator

Rates of cannibalism likely increase when food is less abundant, and may actually help prevent gator overpopulation.

Another extraordinary video of an alligator being cannibalized was recently shared by Taylor Soper on Twitter.

Soper went on to mention that he and his father had just seen the victim cannibalizing an even smaller gator the weekend before. “There’s some craziness going on over there,” he said.

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