Old bra helps cow to avoid mastitis

Old bra helps cow with calf to avoid mastitis

An old bra has been put to use in an effort to help a cow to avoid its udders becoming inflamed by a condition called mastitis.

Old bra helps Cow to avoid Mastitis
The bra has been used to relieve pressure on the cows udder

A farming couple in Easter Ross in the Highlands came up with the idea.

The cow's calf was feeding from the front quarter of its udders, but not the back quarter which was filling with milk and becoming sore.

The bra can be used to cover either quarter to relieve the pressure on them.

A friend of the couple, fellow farmer Donald Ross, has been sharing an image of the set-up.

He said: "I like to share new ideas among the farming community.

"There is also a light side to it too. In Scotland, we've just come through a hard winter but we've retained our sense of humor through that."

Mr Ross added: "Using the bra is a technique that has been done in the interests of the cow's welfare. The fabric is soft and has been fitted using an elasticized band.

"The udders could be milked by hand, of course, to relieve the pressure. But there is the risk of this causing the cow further discomfort, and it kicking out and injuring the person milking it."

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