Why is everyone Smoking Frog Venom

Colorado: Over the past few years, a new type of drug, which is actually a frog's venom, has been gaining popularity among wealthy Americans.

Why Is Everyone Smoking Frog Venom
Why Is Everyone Smoking Frog Venom

Called "buffo" or "DMT", the drug is illegal in the United States, but it has been used to treat mental and psychiatric illnesses for centuries.

It sells for as little as a few grams for hundreds of thousands of dollars (secretly).

The frog from which the drug is derived is called "Sonoran Desert Todd" or "Colorado River Todd" which is found in northern Mexico and southwestern America.

It can grow up to 190 millimeters (approximately 7.4 inches) in length, making it the largest native frog in the United States.

However, the most important thing is the dangerous poison that it releases from its skin to avoid predators and invading animals.

When an animal tries to chew or swallow the frog, the venom quickly cripples the animal, while some animals die within minutes of the venom.

This is the poison that has become popular among American actors, athletes, businessmen, industrialists and even technicians over the last few years as an expensive drug.

The scientific name of this poison is very long and complex but it is known in the United States as “DMT” and “Buffo”.

It is not usually found in pure form, but Sonoran Desert Todd is beaten and its skin is cut into small pieces which are carefully sold in bags.

The same skin is dried and ground and used as a drug in cigarettes.

However, it cannot be used more than once in a lifetime, otherwise it can be dangerous.

In the United States, millions of dollars worth of life-changing ‘life coaches’ and ‘spiritual leaders’ addict their wealthy clients and followers.

It has also been found that in just 30 minutes, DMT / BUFO addiction has the effect of curing years-old mental illnesses of its users.

Some American celebrities who use the drug say that at first the Buffo / DMT user feels as if he is dead, but then he begins to feel more and more refreshed. As if he had been born again.

In recent years, various scientific studies have shown the mental and psychological benefits of DMT / BUFO, but at present this drug is far from the stage when it is officially declared as a drug, its diet and precautions, etc. Be determined.

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