Why do dogs run after motorcyclists?

You've often seen dogs start chasing motorcyclists at night.

Why do dogs run after motorcyclists?
Why do dogs run after motorcyclists?

People also speed up their motorbikes for fear of dogs, which causes many to slip and many to fall into dangerous accidents.

If you are speeding a motorcycle in the presence of dogs, chances are that they will bark at you and run to bite you. The desire is awakened.

If you ever find yourself in a situation where dogs are trying to run towards a motorcycle, you should slow down or stop at all. In that case, the dog will not bite you.

After stopping the bike, when you start again, get out of there slowly, this way the dogs will not bite you and you will be able to get out of this area safely.

If you are also afraid of dogs then always keep these things in mind. Motorcycles should not be driven too fast anyway. This can be fatal for you.

It can also be a danger to you if dogs run fast behind your bike and you see dogs speeding up.

In case a dog bites you, then follow this protocol immediately before getting to the hospital.

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