How to get beef calves on a full feed?

What’s important during this life stage?

  • Maintaining calf health
  • Minimizing calf scours
  • Getting calves on feed

How to get beef calves on a full feed?
How to get beef calves on a full feed?

Common challenges

  • Weaning stress: Multiple stressors are present during weaning, including removal from the dam, new surroundings, commingling, new diets and transportation.
  • Respiratory disease: Commingling of large groups of animals increases the risk of a novel pathogen being introduced to the herd.
  • Scours: Calf diarrhea is commonly linked to stressful events, new environments and commingling.
  • Variable feed intakes: This is one of the most stressful periods in a calf’s life, and it often takes its toll on a calf’s appetite.

Tips for maximizing health and performance

Minimize weaning stress.

Prolonged periods of stress have a negative impact on immune function, so it is important to reduce the number of stressors the animal must face.

Provide access to clean food and water.

Avoid overcrowding, as this can lead to limited access to feed and water.

Reduced access to feed and water can lead to health challenges.

Supply gut health supplementation with research-based products.

A healthy gut not only contributes to efficient growth, it plays a critical role in preventing health challenges at feedlot arrival by helping to prepare calves for dietary changes.

Provide proper nutrition.

Supply a more nutrient-dense diet, as reduced feed intakes are common in newly weaned calves.

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