Step by step guide for Poultry layer farming

Start-up Guide for Poultry Layer Farming Business

There are many types of poultry equipment available which are necessary for successful poultry farming. Having all of these equipment will help you to run your farm smoothly.

Today, general or unemployed educated people of many different countries are getting inspired in poultry farming day by day as it is a great way of earnings.

The demand of animal protein is increasing due to high population growth and poultry farming is a great solution of it. So the demand of of poultry products are increasing.

Proper management, care and sufficient equipment are must for successful production of poultry.

Necessary Poultry Equipment

Some essential poultry products/equipment are mandatory for successfully running your poultry farm. Here we are shortly describing about these equipment.


Poultry housing is not exactly an equipment but it is a must for poultry production. There are many ways of making a poultry house/chicken cage. It may be a concrete house or a simple house.

Concrete or simple whatever the house is, it must have to have the necessary benefits for the poultry birds. The poultry cage must have to have the facilities of well ventilation and well natural light management.

Step by step guide to start Poultry layer farming
Step by step guide to start Poultry layer farming

10-15 feet distance from one house to another house is better. Some basic information should maintain before making poultry house or chicken cage.

  • The house must have to keep dry and clean always.
  • Build the house in open air place.
  • Liter of the house should be at least 3 inch depth.
  • Wood powder, sand or rice husk can be used as liter. (rice husk is better than others)
  • Mix half kg of lime powder with the liter.
  • Change the litter of the house after every one week.
  • Never let the poultry house wet.
  • You  can raise poultry in open area (free range poultry farming system).


Incubator is such a poultry equipment which is used for hatching the bird’s egg in artificial ways. Generally in natural condition, the poultry birds hatch the egg, but they can maintain and hatch a limited number of eggs.

So, when it is necessary to hatch a large number of eggs then you must have to use an incubator. There are many types of egg incubators. Diesel and electric incubator is the most popular and widely used.


Feeder is such an equipment which is used for feeding the poultry birds. Generally some foods kept in the feeder and the poultry birds starts eating food from there. Plastic or metal feeders are used mostly to feed the chickens.

The feeder should keep neat and clean always to keep the chicken healthy. Keep sufficient numbers of feeder in the poultry house according to the number of your birds.

If the amount of feeders are less than the birds then they can’t consume enough food and their health will broke and if the feeder become more than the amount of chickens then the birds will waste the food and maximize your feeding cost.

So, keep the number of feeders according to the number of your birds. Generally one feeder is enough for 10-15 birds.

Water Pot

This poultry equipment is essential for supplying water inside the cage. We all know that clean and fresh water is very essential and helpful for poultry bird’s health. Clean the water pot regularly.

Water pots are of various types. Water can be served by a simple water pot or through pipe line. In pipe line system you can keep an pipe from one corner to another corner of the house or use drop water system.


Heat management is very necessary for poultry farming. Bulb, heater or other heating equipment can be used to warm up the poultry cage.

Laying Nests

Laying nests help the poultry birds for laying their eggs. This equipment increases the egg production and will help you to collect eggs from the nest.

Egg Handling Nest

Egg handling nest or cages are used for transporting eggs from one place to another places. It reduces the risk of damages of eggs while transporting for marketing purpose.


In the case of free range poultry farming system fencing is a must. Because it protect the poultry birds from all types of predators. Almost all poultry farmers used to use wire for fencing purposes.


Neat, clean and dry floor keep the birds healthy. So, always try to use proper floor. In the case of indoor farming methods use wire net in the floor.

Coops and Cages

There are many companies available who produce ready made coops or cages for the poultry. This type of coops and cages are very suitable for small scale poultry rearing.


There are also some other poultry equipment available which are very helpful for successful poultry production. Or you can even build some equipment of your own as per your demand.

These are the poultry equipment you will need for running a successful and profitable poultry farming business. Hope this guide has helped you.

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