How to raise Pigeons for profit

Guide For Raising Pigeons

Raising pigeons is the main hobby of some people because it is the most popular domestic bird. Most people like the beauty of it. In the past pigeon were raised to exchange letter. It is heard that, many ancient King preferred pigeon for exchanging different types of message.

How to raise Pigeons for profit
How to raise Pigeons for profit

The most important thing is that there is no extra expense for raising pigeons. Pigeon can be managed easily. First you have to buy pigeon. Before buying pigeons you have to keep in mind some essential information. Baby pigeons or squab grows very fast. You also have to be conscious about pigeon health and pigeon diseases. Before start raising pigeons, you should have a little concept about pigeon breeding and their food.

Pigeon can simply be raised at the corner of the house, roof and some other small places. Even with the hanging basket in roof pigeon can be observed. For this reason, both in cities and villages pigeon can raised. The meat of the pigeon is very tasty, nutritious and restorative. It contains much protein than other bird meat. For this reason it is consumed to fulfill the demand of meat and protein.

Many people found that raising pigeons commercially is a profitable business. There are many similarity between pigeons and doves. Doves and pigeons are likely looks same. Pigeons generally stay with in pair. Each pair contain a male and female. They can live up to 12-15 years. The reproduction of pigeon through their egg as long as they survive.

After laying eggs both male and female heat them one by one. If one pair of pigeon is broken it is so difficult to rebuild their relation. To make a new pair one male and female should have to keep in a room for a few days. 

There are some advantages of keeping pigeon:

  • Generally, a good pair of pigeon can make up to 12 pairs of egg, and almost all of these egg produce a baby pigeon. This baby pigeon can be sell and consumed within the next 4 weeks.
  • We can keep the pigeons with other household birds.
  • It is very easy to observe the pigeons.
  • Feeding cost is low.
  • Poultry feed can be served.
  • Short space is required for raising pigeons.
  • You can raise even in a hanging basket.
  • Cost is also very low for accommodation.
  • Most often pigeon find their feed of their own.
  • It takes about 5-6 months to be adult and laying eggs.
  • Pigeon’s meat suitable for the patient.
  • It takes about 18 days to come baby pigeon from eggs.
In a word raising pigeons is very profitable. Pigeon has the ability to prevent diseases more than other domestic birds. Like poultry, pigeon can be raised commercially. It can reduce unemployment as well as may contribute in a country's economy.

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