How to choose a best cat feeder

Best Automatic Cat Feeder

Having a best automatic cat feeder at home, can decrease your burden of feeding your cat on time. Earlier it was really hard to manage busy professional life and petting cat without help of any pet sitter for busy owners. But, invention of automatic feeders made life easier. All you need to choose a best automatic cat feeder which can fulfill not only your kitty’s requirements but also could be best fit for you.

cat feeder automatic
cat feeder automatic

How to choose a best automatic cat feeder?

Ready to invest in an automatic helper? Here are few important things to be decided to choose a best automatic cat feeder.

1- Easy to use

Simpler the better for both of you and your kitty. A best automatic cat feeder should have ease of use. Complex operational requirements can frustrate you.

2- Cat’s personality

You know your cat better than anyone else. Take care of her personality while choosing an automatic feeder. Some cats don’t like noise at all while many automatic feeders produce noise while dispensing food. There are cats who can break the food dispenser if it is delivering slower than their need. While few of other cats can be just naughty to break all new stuff to test.

3- Purpose of food dispenser

To choose a best automatic cat feeder, you should have clear purpose of purchase in your mind. Do you need it to feed your cat while you are at work? Or you are looking for a food dispenser which can handle feeding duties for a long weekend without your presence. Or do you need one for special dietary or medication needs of your cat?

Recommended best automatic cat feeder for you

There is wide variety of food dispensers for cats available in the market. Here; we are going to recommended you a best automatic cat feeder based on your need, lifestyle and cat’s specific requirements.

#1- Smart cat feeders

Smart feeders have become necessity of time for tech savvy people  as such feeders can be operated by a smartphone.

There are different options available in these kinda smart feeders such as if you are connected via internet, you can remotely operate and if you get disconnected, the dispenser will automatically switch to offline mode.

Most recommended smart cat feeders are as follows:

  • GemPet PF-103 Smartfeeder
  • Petnet Smartfeeder
  • Feed and Go automatic pet feeder
  • PetPal Wife Automatic Pet feeder

#2- Interactive best automatic cat feeder

No doubt, there are cat lovers treating their cats as their own children and can be much worried when away. If you are one of them and want to see your cat occasionally while away. GemPet PF-103 smartfeeder made it easier for you to see and track your kitty from its built-in camera. While, PetPal wifi Automatic Pet feeder is recommended for you if you are looking for Speaker and microphone along real-time camera to interact with your pet while away of home.

#3- Easy to Clean and hygienic pet feeders

Easy to clean pet feeders are more preferable for many of us. If your pet health matters more than anything else, then go for any of the listed below:

  • Petsafe Healthy Pet simply feed
  • PetnetSmartfeeder
  • Catmate C3000
  • Feed and Go automatic pet feeder
  • Petpal wifi Automatic Pet feeder


Petpal wifi Automatic pet feeder is most recommended one for many pet owners. As it has built-in microphone, speakers and camera to interact and monitor your pet from anywhere using your smartphone. You can arrange feeding from your phone or schedule 1-5 feeding per day directly on dispenser.

This smartest and best automatic cat feeder has capacity to hold up to 52 cups (About 10 pounds) of cat food.

It is made by quality material such as stainless steel to keep it clean easily. Furthermore, it is fine to be used indoor or outdoor.

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