Herbal treatment of udder swelling in Dairy Cow

Herbal / Organic treatment of Udder swelling in dairy cows

Mastitis is inflammation of the mammary glands in udder, typically due to bacterial infection via a damaged nipple or teat. As a result of mastitis, udder often swells .

Mastitis in Dairy animals:

Symptoms: swollen, hot udder; milk discolored with pus and thread like substance.

Herbal treatment of udder swelling in Cow
Herbal treatment of udder swelling in Cow

Causes: Microbes


Ingredients required:

  1. Aloe Vera ‐ 2 or 3 petals 
  2. Turmeric powder‐ 50gm
  3.  Lime stone‐ 10 gm


All the above ingredients are ground well and made in to a paste apply over the udder thrice a day for 3‐7 days depending upon the disease incidence. Before applying, the udder and teats should be washed with boiled water for 3 times for 5 days.

Oral administration of 50 gm of sodium bicarbonate (soda bicarb/meetha soda) in the juice of lemon (4 fruits) dissolved in 200 ml of water.

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