7 Tips on keeping your chicks healthy and happy

7 Tips to keep chicks healthy

Chickens are delicate birds and are highly susceptible to the changes in climate and to a range of contagious infections. Taking care of them is not for the faint hearted. You need to be constantly on the lookout for their physical and mental well being. Diseases can certainly get disastrous, so taking precautions at the right time is a ground rule for success in poultry farm management.

7 Tips on keeping your chicks healthy and happy
Tips on keeping your chicks healthy and happy

Here are 7 tips on keeping your chicks healthy and happy:

  1. Comfy, warm shelters are a must. Making a perfect home for your chickens is not as arduous as you might feel it is! A clean, ventilated and well-litroo fed hall with a spacious yard, several cages and plenty of soft, absorbent bedding materials such as pine straw or paper towels are good enough to make them feel comfortable.
  2. Predators, keep away! If the chickens feel safe, they will breed better so having surroundings which do not house cats, dogs or hawks will help. Chickens get scared easily and get uncontrollable when they smell danger so make them feel safe.
  3. Intensive care for baby chicks. Baby chickens are unbelievably cute but raising them is quite a task! They need to be kept away from the adult ones and require adequate ventilation and warmth. For a brooder, think of a large plastic bin or an unused bathtub over which you can have coop heaters to keep those babies warm.
  4. E for Equipment kits! The list includes coops, nest-boxes, feeders and drinkers, cleaning products, vitamins and tonics, medicines and so on. These kits come in different sizes and are easily available at varying prices on numerous online and offline farmhouse marketplaces.
  5. Keep them clean. Cleanliness is the major aspect of poultry farm management. The house, nests, cages, veranda and every other place where your chickens grow has to be hygienic. Using gloves and clean slip-ons when you enter the territory would be a great idea. Also, don’t forget to bathe your chicks once in a while!
  6. ‘On the loose’ time. Chickens are free-spirited birds. Set them free during the day time for couple of hours in the yard. Let them savor the calcium and minerals they gain by pecking at the soil. Watch out for the quarrelsome ones, for they might injure the others. Old chickens often tend to get sad; to keep them happy, try keeping them away from the young/new guys.
  7. Nourishment plans. Diets change from breeds to breeds. Adequate amount of vitamins, calcium and proteins enriched feeds will thoroughly nurture them. Overfeeding is the exact opposite pole of keeping them well-maintained, but you may let the water supply be unlimited to spur them to be hydrated.
So, have your poultry farm blueprint on tap and work it out! It’s absolutely fun to raise chickens in the yard and watch them clatter. Other than the bottom line of ‘business’, poultry farming does grant you a great deal of inner satisfaction!

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