3 Safe methods of milk preservation

Milk Preservation

There are three different methods for preservation of milk:

  1. Pasteurization
  2. Use of antimicrobial agents
  3. Use of GRAS (Generally regarded as safe) substances. These substances are used in two forms:

  • Act as a food additive
  • Act as a food stabilizer


It was started in early 1980’s. It is defined as “Heating of milk at 62 oC for 30 minutes”. Objective is to kill and target all the microorganisms present in the milk. Mycobacterium tuberculosis (human and bovine type) is also sensitive to pasteurization.

3 Safe methods of Milk Preservation
3 Safe methods of Milk Preservation

In modified forms of pasteurization holding time is decreased but on the other hand temperature is increased.

Modified pasteurization protocol:

    ▪  Temperature 71 oC for 5 minutes

    ▪  Temperature 92 oC for 15 sec

Ultra High Temperature (UHT):

Temperature 171 oC for 2-3 sec. It is much faster and efficient regarding killing of all type of microorganisms

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