14 Steps in correct insemination of Cow

Correct Insemination procedure in Cow

The first attempts at artificial insemination involved deposition of the semen in the vagina, but fertility with this technique was low. Some improvement was achieved with the introduction of the speculum method for insemination, as semen could then be deposited in the cervix. Conception rates were greatly improved following the introduction of the recto-vaginal technique. In the recto-vaginal technique, an insemination instrument is inserted into the vagina and guided through the cervix by a gloved hand in the rectum controlling and fixing the cervix. 

Insemination in cow
correct Insemination in cow

This method of insemination is the most efficient in terms of results, labor and hygiene. It should be carried out as follows:

✅1. Load insemination equipment (charge AI gun with semen)

✅2. Put on a glove and lubricate it with glove lubricant. Try to keep the hand holding the
insemination instrument as dry as possible. Never load guns with a glove on.

✅3. Carry the loaded gun in your mouth, to leave both arms free. Avoid contact between the
gun and any object near the insemination area. Contamination may cause infection and
reduce conception chances.

✅4. Let the cow know you are there by talking while approaching slowly. Lift the tail, form the
fingers into a cone and, with a twisting motion, gently insert your gloved hand into the
rectum. Locate the cervix. Do not force your hand into the cow’s rectum as it is possible to
rupture it. This could result in the cow’s death.

✅5. Check that the cow is not pregnant.

✅6. Release the cervix and uterus. Remove all traces of feces and water from the vulva with a piece of paper towel. Spread the fingers of your gloved hand and pull your arm backwards. At the same time push your wrist down and to the left to open the lips of the vulva. The insemination gun can now be inserted with minimal contamination.

✅7. The point of the gun must be introduced at an angle 30° below the horizontal to pass along the top of the vulva and vagina. This avoids the entrance to the urethra and urethral diverticulum which lie on the floor of the vagina.

✅8. Gently move the gun forward until a distinct grittiness is felt, indicating that the cervix has
been reached. If the gun is caught in a vaginal fold it may be necessary to push the cervix forward to straighten out the fold.

✅9. By manipulation of the cervix and gentle pressure on the gun, it should be possible to guide the tip of the gun through the cervix and into the uterus. The tip can usually be felt through the thinner wall of the uterus. The gun must not be carried further forward than just through the cervix (1 cm at the most).The maximum pressure which should be placed on the gun is that which can be
obtained when holding the gun with the thumb and one finger. With repeat cows (i.e. cows returning on heat), many sources recommend placing the gun only up to the middle of the cervix because up to 3% of pregnant cows may cycle at 3 and 6 weeks. Intra-uterine insemination may be harmful in these cases. Mid cervical insemination is much safer.

✅10.Slowly deposit half to two-thirds of the semen in the body of the uterus and the remainder in the middle of the cervix.

✅11.Remove the gun from the tract and massage the cervix and uterus for a few seconds to stimulate the release of oxytocin. Rough handling upsets the cow and causes the release of adrenalin which counteracts the effect of oxytocin.

✅12.Loosen the locking ring of the gun but do not allow it to slide onto the soiled part of the sheath. Slide the sheath off the barrel. The straw will come away with the sheath. Do not discard the sheath and straw until records have been completed. Burn the sheath and straw and disposable glove to avoid possible disease transmission.

✅13.Release the cow from the bail or crush.

✅14.Observe personal hygiene measures by washing in disinfectant and cleaning boots. Maintain equipment properly. Dismantle guns for cleaning and wash them in methylated spirits.

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