Requirement of Light for laying Hen

Light Requirement for laying Hen

Lighting Management For Pullet Laying Hen

There are some controversial opinions on Lighting Management For Pullet. the lighting exact schedule for pullet layer chicken in an open house system is confusing for a small pullet producer.

Requirement of Light for laying Hen
Requirement of Light for laying Hen

Ancient opinion on Lighting Management For Pullet

Some farmers believe that it must be followed by the individual breed management guide while doing not due to they have been facing a problem when the maintain pullet management manual.

From daily points of view,  it is the most disputable issue for farmers, Who has been rearing laying chicken in an open house system.
This article will discuss appropriate strategies about true that the data included in these types manual absolutely true like a day at lighting, first egg production, body weight, peak production time, cumulative feed intake, etc.

But, unfortunately, It would not reflex completely consider balanced at the open house system due to lighting management as per manual followed by supplying an unbalanced diet for a pullet.

In addition, it is arduous to determine the nutritive value in the field, that is why it is hard to follow the individual achievements of birds according to the breed guide.

The Exact Timing :

So, what to do, if farmers have been suffering a lot &, how can they avoid this circumstance.

The solution very simple and the writer has been practicing the formula since 2017 in a certain part of Bangladesh. From day old up to the egg production, light never stops for a single night as well as feed & water.

the light should be stopped when birds will be laying 5% egg production, then lighting continues as 8 hours dark & 16 hours lighting along with day-light in open house system. there are no abnormalities in the bird when the technique applied on the farm.

Therefore, never confused especially pullet layer chicken during this time the maximum number of farmers light off as per consultation.

It is the only way to achieve all data mentioning on the guide like 1st egg lay at 126 days, feeding at 126 days 7 kg/ bird, peak production, average hen day production.

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