Recommended diet changes for older cats

Older Cats and Diet Changes

Think about human beings and old age for a moment. When a person grows old, they have to shift their lifestyle. From eating differently, moving differently, to drinking and even showering. Things absolutely change as people get older. The same thing occurs for pets. Dogs and cats that get to elderly ages will behave differently, and as a result will require different diets than younger pets. 

Best cat food for older cats
Best cat food for older cats

If you have a cat or multiple cats, things can start to get a bit difficult when they start to show signs of their age. They won’t be able to jump as high, they will seem a bit more tired, and will not want to play as much and they may have difficulties using the litter box. In most instances, cats and dogs will slowly pass on to the next life, but can also find themselves facing off with disease. In order to ensure that your pet goes through the transitional stages of old age without a hitch, consider a few tips and tricks that will help you manage their daily routine, including diet changes.


Special Diet Concerns

Elderly cats need to have special diets. You can either get them sensitive stomach, natural foods, or you can get a “senior” cat formula. You want to make sure that you give them soft food in conjunction with dry cat food, and over time switch to more wet food than anything else. The reason this is important is because their teeth may not be as strong to bite down on the dry foods. If you see that they are struggling or perhaps they stop eating altogether, it’s time to see a vet. Many times a vet can prescribe food items that will help them manage their diet a bit, and ease discomfort that they may have.

Automatic Litter Boxes

Aside from diet changes, you will want to make sure that you change up the litter box. Senior cats may not use these and clean up the same way. They may go into them, do their business, and run. If that’s the case, an automated litter box solution is going to pay off dividends. These are specialized options that will help you get things clean and clear with ease. They sift the litter and remove all fecal matter. You need to clean the reservoir some, but other than that, you’ll have a clean and clear litter box for them to utilize.

Watch For Allergic Reactions

As your cat ages, they may end up with allergens that you’ve never seen before. Most cats are going to be just fine in this regards. However, if you find that they are coughing up hair balls a bit more, or just vomiting their food, make sure that you take them to a vet. You may find that they are going through changes in regards to their digestive system. If that’s the case, a vet can prescribe a special course of action, diet, and more. That will help them ease into their senior years, and give you peace of mind as to what they are eating, and what’s going on as to their later stages.

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