Best Concentrate feed formula for rabbits breeding

Feeding Formula for Rabbit Breeding

Rabbit Feeds and Feeding

The rabbit’s diet must be made up of three main elements: Hay, Fresh Feed, and Concentrate Feed. Of these, hay plays a fundamental role due to its contribution of fiber and must make up most of the diet of a healthy rabbit. Other elements, such as some seeds (nuts, cereals, legumes) should only be given in minimal quantities.

In general, we could divide the rabbit’s feeding as follows:
  1. 80% hay or fresh grass
  2. 15% fresh food (leafy vegetables or wild herbs)
  3. 5% concentrate feed
The feeds that you can give rabbits are:

Leafy vegetables: potato leaves, carrots, lettuces, cabbages. But only give lettuces and cabbages to adult rabbits alone.

  1. Hays: Well-cured green legumes hays such as cowpeas, groundnuts, soybeans, stylo, etc. are palatable and they make rabbits grow well.
  2. Starches and grains: potatoes (must be boiled) and grains such as millets, guinea corn, maize, rice, etc. can be added to the animal’s ration mixtures.
  3. Supplements: groundnut cake (GNC), cottonseed cake, and soybean meal (SBM) are protein-rich supplements, and they are desirable for balancing grass hays and pelleted rations. The grains and cakes are better accepted when crushed, ground, or missed thoroughly. 

A concentrate is any mixture of grains, cereals, and minerals used to supplement rabbit diet. Concentrates can contain only one or several combinations of ingredients designed to enhance the condition of rabbits, whether for weight gain, growth, energy, or general overall health.

Rabbit feed
Rabbit feed

Use the following feed formula below to formula or produce concentrate feed for your rabbits.

Sample Feed Formula For Rabbit Feed

IngredientQuantity (kg)
Bran of Maize, Rice or Wheat20
Wheat, Rye, Sorghum or Millet Middling20
Groundnut Cake (GNC)15
Dried Grass or Alfalfa Meal37
Common Salt0.5

Crude Protein (CP)=17%
Crude Fiber (CF)=15%

Model Feeding Schedule For Rabbits

Rabbit feed formula
Rabbit feed formula

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