10 Incredible Facts about Puppy

Incredible Facts about Puppy

Usually, pets are perceived as part of family. Dogs are lovely due to their playfulness and friendliness. If you thinking to adopt a puppy breed and you don’t know what breed of dog to choose, it is essential to know that all puppies breeds are very affectionate with the family and they bond easily to the persons that are around them the most part of the time. Most of the owners love the way their pups thumb their tails, but a great part of them have probably been asking themselves about the feelings that their pets really have.

Puppy Facts
Puppy Facts

Recent developments in brain imaging technology have permitted to find out what dogs really feel about humans: dogs love their owners and they see their owners as their family. Furthermore, the aroma of the puppies’ owners activates the reward area of their brains and they prioritize the hint of humans’ smells over anything else. What it is really interesting is that dogs and human brains process emotionally laden vocal sounds.

On the other side, people have strong feelings related to their dogs. The studies have revealed that the areas activated in humans’ brain while watching photos of dogs were related to emotion, reward, affiliation, visual processing and social interaction.

If you own a dog or a puppy you probably know that they are capable of intense feelings and are highly social with very strong emotional connections to other dogs. They also have their own social structures and bonding rituals.

You’ll be surprised to find out that your puppy knows when you are sad and he will adjust his behavior accordingly. Pups are trying to placate a person who is upset, regardless of whether the person is their owner or not. They can also sense the intentions of a person and they feel when something unpleasant is about to happen.

What is more interesting is that your puppy can sense any disease you may have due to his keen sense of smell. Dogs are able to detect diseases like cancer. They are also able to understand when you feel scared because your body have specific scent in these situations due to adrenalin associated with fear and danger.

Something unexpected for you may be to find out that your pup knows when you are being unfair, so try to behave correctly. Many animals have a highly sense of justice.

Another interesting aspect is that puppies understand when you have another priorities. Although they spend most time of their lives being spoiled, puppies understand if your interest toward them decreases because of certain situations. While behaving like this, take into consideration that the most important thing in his life are you. Your pup relies on you to feed and care for his basic needs.

You probably know that your pup feel your angry mood even if he doesn’t understand always its source. Your pup doesn’t know if you are angry with him or as a result of something else. This is a delicate situation because your pup may change his behavior in response to your mood even if he hasn’t done anything wrong and he can become frustrated because of the lack of consistency in your actions.

Your pup also know if you are a generous person because he is very watchful on how you act toward persons you are interacting with. It is related to his ability to identify justice acts according to the tone of voice and other signals.

You should also know that your pup likes to test boundaries and if he will find out someone that doesn’t punish him for something wrong that he made, he’ll take advantage of his new found freedom. Dogs are used with social hierarchies and they expect to see what they are allowed to do. That’s why it is important that your pup knows that you are coordinating the relationship.

Dogs can also sense if a woman is pregnant and they become more protective, attentive and loving. The list of your pup’s knowledge is larger than that. He knows when you are taking him to the vet and can detect if a person is good or bad due to his ability to feel the energy radiating from that person’s heart. Furthermore, dogs are attracted by persons that emit good energy.

Your pup also know if you do not like someone because human body are dealing with chemical reactions. Dopamine and serotonin are released in the body and the effects are happiness, joy and ecstasy. When you are dealing with someone you don’t like your body releases hormones related to resentment, fear, hate. It is really amazing that your pup not only can detect this, but it is probably that he will dislike the person that caused your reaction.

There are many facts you probably haven’t thought about your pup, but all the things that experts found about dogs show that they are very intelligent beings and, above all, they need our protection and love.

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