Why do hen lay Immature eggs

Why do hen lay Immature eggs

By immature eggs means that eggs have not developed a shell. 
An egg becomes shell-less when no calcium has been laid around the York and albumen to form the hard shell which makes it lose shape or be immature. Low calcium is one of the most popular reasons your chickens might be laid without a shell. Vitamin D deficiency also makes hen not make use of the calcium in the diet.
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A shell-less egg consists of a yolk, albumen and a membrane alone. This may be as a result of several reasons:

Nutritional deficiency especially of calcium, phosphorus and vitamins
Infectious diseases like Newcastle, infectious bronchitis and egg drop syndrome may cause laying of shell-less eggs
Infestations of internal and external parasites such as worms, mites or lice
Exposure to high temperature and low humidity
Feeding on moldy or contaminated feeds
Stress prompting the birds to lay eggs prematurely before the shell is formed
Egg laying while molting

It is important to call a qualified veterinarian to examine your birds and determine the main reason for your problem.

Ensure that you supplement the birds with Dicalcium Phosphate(DCP) fortified with Stress mix.

Deworm the birds once every three months with Piperin through drinking water.

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