Water requirement for poultry farm

Importance of water for poultry

For poultry, drinking water accounts to 80% of their feeding needs.

Poultry mostly consume more water than the feed and this makes the water to be the most critical nutrient for them.

Ensuring abundance of clean water supply every time will help to reduce challenges and maximize performance.

Whenever you think of water management take these water management issues into consideration:

water for poultry
water for poultry

1. Quality, height, pressure, mineral content and availability.

2. Cleanliness of drinker lines, regulators, drinkers, pipes prior to flock placement and during production.

3. Flushing water pipes between flocks and during production.

4. Eliminating biofilms and mineral buildup.

5. Tapping on nipples three times a day to unblock them, replace blocked or faulty nipples, proper maintenance of Drinkers and other water equipment.

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