Procedure of value addition in wheat straw using Urea

Value addition in wheat straw using Urea


It is well known that green fodder, cattle feed and dry fodder in combination form the ideal nutritional source for maintaining health and milk production of animals. But sometimes due to non-availability of green fodder in sufficient quantity and high price of cattle feed pose problems for the farmer to meet nutritional demand of milking animals. Generally, paddy, wheat, and sorghum straws are available in plenty with the farmers but these straws are deficient in nutrients and low in digestibility. Straws have less than 4 per cent protein. Urea treatment of straw increases its nutritive value by raising the protein content to about 8 percent.

urea treatment
Urea treatment of wheat straw

Feeding urea treated straw may reduce the cattle feed requirement up to 30 percent.

Straw Treatment Method:

1. At a time at least 1 ton straw should be treated. We need 40 kg urea and 400 litres of water for the treatment of 1 ton straw.
2. Dissolve 4 kg urea in 40 litres of water.
3. Spread 100 kg straw on the floor to form 3-4 inch thick layer.
4. Sprinkle 40 litres of prepared urea solution on the straw using gardener’s sprinkler. Then press the straw with feet by walking on it.
5. Spread another 100 kg of dry straw on top of this compressed straw, and prepare another 40 litres of urea solution again by dissolving 4 kg urea in 40 litres of water. Sprinkle the prepared urea solution over the second layer of straw and repeat the compaction by walking on the layer of treated straw. Likewise, repeat the procedure 10 times by spreading 10 layers of straw, sprinkling it with 4 % urea solution and then pressing with feet.
6. Cover the treated straw heap with a new plastic sheet and spread some quantity of mud at the point where it touches the ground to prevent the formed ammonia gas to escape.
7. In case plastic sheet is not available, cover the treated heap with dry straw. Then after putting some soil, cover the same with wet clay / or cow dung layer to make it airtight.


* Never feed urea or urea solution directly to the animal. Urea as such is fatal to animals.
* While treating the straw, keep the urea solution away from the reach of animals.
* Cemented floor is more appropriate for treatment of straw. If the floor is not cemented, use a plastic sheet on the floor before spreading the first layer of straw.
* It is convenient to undertake straw treatment in a closed room or in the corner location.
* Treated straw should be opened after 21 days in summer and 28 days in winter. Before feeding, the straw should be spread in open air for the ammonia gas to escape.
* Start with feeding small quantities of treated straw. Slowly the animal gets habituated and starts relishing it.

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