Poultry Farm Management In Rainy Season

Poultry Farm Management In Rainy Season

Poultry shed

1.We have to increase additional 5 meters space around the poultry shed.

2.The additional space should be clean and well kept. It should be free of grass and brushwood.

3.Shed will make well on the additional space.

4.Repair any holes in the roof.

5.Polythene will need to supply if additional roof is not provided. It should be noticed that in case of more rain supply gunny in front and back cover. For big chicken or poultry gunny will be move when the rain does not exist so that light and air can enter easily.

6.The floor should be repair well and kept dry as long as possible before leaving chick.

7.Meal pot that can be kept dry as far as possible should be focused specially.

8.In case of litter the window cells and side holes of walls will find out and all measures can be taken to ensure all litter is dry. Breaking the hard litter spread new litter. Dry goods such as lime powder, ammonium sulphate etc. can use to maintain the dry condition. Otherwise wet litter infects poultry such as Coccidiosis, Entireties, worm infection that causes great harm.

9.It is specially targeted that the rain water does not grow around the poultry shed. If needed you will be able to receive adequate water drainage. Otherwise it will be ill-shed.

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