Learn: How to safely store semen/sperms for later use

Maintenance and use of liquid nitrogen containers:

Semen must be stored at a temperature below minus 70°C to avoid deterioration in quality (fertilising capacity). Most units will maintain the temperature at well below minus 80°C with only a few millimetres of liquid nitrogen remaining.

liquid nitrogen
liquid nitrogen cylinder for storage of semen

However, it is strongly advised that the level of liquid nitrogen never be allowed to fall below 15 cm.This ensures that straws may be removed for insemination while the other straws remain safely stored.

The goblets will be full of liquid nitrogen allowing safer removal of straws whilst still keeping stored straws immersed. Goblets will not float out of buckets and empty their straws to the bottom of the unit when the liquid nitrogen is being refilled, and there will be sufficient reserves should unavoidable delays in liquid nitrogen supply occur.

Measurement of liquid nitrogen levels is quite simple. A thin plastic rod or piece of dowel can be used as a dipstick. A frost line will indicate the level of liquid nitrogen if the rod is held in the unit for a short time and then exposed to the atmosphere.

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