Important Veterinary medicine terminology

Veterinary terminology

Here are important veterinary abbreviations used in veterinary medicine:

Veterinary terminology
Veterinary terminology

ad lib- as much as desired

ADP -adenosine diphosphate

ALT- alanine aminotransferase

AST -aspartate aminotransferase

ATP -adenosine triphosphate

bid- twice a day
bpm -beats per minute
BUN- blood urea nitrogen
C- Celsius (Centigrade)
cal -calorie(s)
CBC(s) -complete blood count(s)
CDC- Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
CFU- colony-forming unit
cm -centimeter(s)
CNS -central nervous system
CK- creatine kinase (CPK, creatine phosphokinase)
CSF- cerebrospinal fluid
CT- computed tomography
cu cubic
DIC- disseminated intravascular coagulation
dL -deciliter(s)
DNA- deoxyribonucleic acid
ECG- electrocardiogram
eg -for example
ELISA -enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay
EPA -Environmental Protection Agency
EPG- eggs per gram (of feces)
et seq -and the following one(s)
EU -European Union
F -Fahrenheit
FDA- Food and Drug Administration
fL- femtoliter(s)
ft -foot, feet
g -gram(s)
gal.- gallon(s)
GI- gastrointestinal
GnRH -gonadotropin-releasing hormone
H&E -hematoxylin and eosin
Hgb- hemoglobin
hr- hour(s)
ie -that is
Ig- immunoglobulin (with class following: A, D, E, G, or M)
IL -interleukin
IM- intramuscular(ly)
in.- inch(es)
IP- intraperitoneal(ly)
IU -international unit(s)
IV -intravenous(ly)
kcal -kilocalorie(s)
kg -kilogram(s)
L -liter(s)
LDH -lactate dehydrogenase
lb -pound(s)
m- meter(s)
M -molar
Mcal- megacalorie(s)
mcg -microgram
ME- metabolizable energy
mEq -milliequivalent(s)
mg- milligram(s)
min- minute(s)
mL- milliliter(s)
mm -millimeter(s)
mo- month(s)
mol- mole(s)
mOsm -milliosmole(s)
nm -nanometer(s)
MRI -magnetic resonance imaging
NRC -National Research Council
NSAID(s)- nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drug(s)
OIE -Office International des Épizooties
oz -ounce(s)
p/pp- page/pages
PCR -polymerase chain reaction
PCV -packed cell volume
pH- negative logarithm of hydrogen ion activity
PO -per os, orally
ppb part(s) -per billion
ppm part(s) -per million
qid- four times a day
qs ad -quantity sufficient to make
RBC(s) -red blood cell(s)
RNA- ribonucleic acid
SC -subcutaneous(ly)
sec -second(s)
SI- units International System of Units
SPF specific pathogen free
sq- square
tbsp -tablespoon(s)
TDN -total digestible nutrients
tid -three times a day
tsp teaspoon(s)
U -unit(s)
UK -United Kingdom
USDA- United States Department of Agriculture
USA- United States of America
USSR- Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (former)
WBC(s)- white blood cell(s)
wk- week(s)
wt -weight
yr -year(s)
α -alpha
β -beta
δ -delta
ε- epsilon
γ -gamma
λ -lambda
μ -micro, mu
κ -kappa
σ- sigma

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