How to prevent vent pecking in your chicks

Why Chicks peck the vent of each other

Farmer queries: Some of my one week old chicks has started pecking the vent of each other.

Vent pecking in chicks
Vent pecking in chicks

I have separated the peck ones.
please what should I do again*?

Pecking in chicks is caused by the following issues

1. Confining the chicks in a very small space. You just need to improve on spacing on a weekly basis.

2. Direct sun rays.
Chicks do not need sun Ray's in the house.
Please block them.

3. Insufficient minerals in the feed.your chicks need good minerals in the feed. Chose the best feeds for them.

4. Stress / discomfort from too much heat, inadequate ventilation, inadequate feed, etc.

Once you see this pecking in chicks happening;

A) isolate pe led birds and spray with a dull coloured antibiotic spray....preferably supona aerosol.

😎 improve ventilation.

C) improve space

D) add more feeders.

E) block sun rays and reduce light intensity during day.

F) make sure the feeds given are enough and of the right quality

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