How to prevent fungal infection in chicken

 Aspergillosis (Fungal Pneumonia) in poultry | Chicken

The fungus causing Aspergillosis in poultry is Aspergillus fumigatus


Transmission is by inhalation of fungus spores from contaminated litter (e.g. wood shavings, straw) or contaminated feed. Hatcheries may also contribute to infection of the chicks.
Young chickens are very susceptible. Older chickens are more resistant to infection. Turkey poults, pheasants, quails, ducklings, and goslings
may also become infected.
4.Clinical Signs:
Infected chickens show signs of:
💉Depression and thirsty.
💉Gasping and rapid breathing can be observed.
💉Mortality is variable, from 5 to 50%.
💉Gross lesions involve the lungs and air sacs primarily.
💉Yellow-white pin head sized lesions can be found.
💉Sometimes all body cavities are filled with small yellow-green granular fungus growth.

The presence of Aspergillus fumigatus can be identified microscopically or sometimes even with the naked eye in the air passages of the lungs, in the air sacs or in lesions of the abdominal cavity. Aspergillosis can be confirmed by isolation and identification of the fungus from lesions.

💉 No specific treatment available.
💉spontaneous recovery if re exposure is prevented
⭕Removing the birds from contaminated area.
⭕Removing infected birds from the flock.
⭕Removing contaminated materials.
⭕Increase ventilation and air exchange.

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