How to install feeders and drinkers in poultry house

Distribution of Feeders and Drinkers in poultry houses:

Feeders and drinkers are among the most important equipment in the poultry house.
This is because properly feeding birds and watering them is of paramount importance.

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In others words, it is essential for birds to get proper access to both drinkers and feeders. Notably, improper distribution of such equipment can lead to a number of adverse effects as discussed below.
One of the major problems associated with improper distribution of feeders and drinkers is that it can lead to cannibalism in poultry.
In other words, it can lead to dominant birds pecking on feathers or other parts of the submissive birds. This behavior leads to the weaker birds not being able to fully satisfy their nutrition needs and as such, their growth and production is restricted.
Secondly, if you are unable to properly distribute feeders and drinkers in your poultry house then you can expect to observe varied growth rates among your flock. This is because when birds compete for such equipment, superiority complex is promoted among the dominant ones and the weaker ones are unable to access them.
The dominant ones therefore grow at a significantly higher rate as compared to the submissive ones. The point here is that one way of ensuring that you have uniform growth in your flock is by correctly distributing both drinkers and feeders evenly.
Water quality: birds should not be given dirty water. Broilers need a constant water supply. You should never limit them feed and water. For better feed utilization, keep the water available, away from the Heat source, a meter away from feeders.
The arrangement of feeds and water should be that the two are not far from each other. Just a meter apart is enough.
There are a number of key things you should keep in mind when distributing feeders and drinkers in your poultry house. These are namely; the type of feeder or drinker used and the age of the birds.
For instance, when using a trough feeder you should make sure that each bird has 10 cm feeding space. On the other hand, if you are using circular feeders you should see to it that each bird has a feeding space of at least 4 cm.

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