10 Guidelines for blood collection from animals

Factors to be considered during blood collection from animals

There are several factors to consider when determining the appropriate blood collection volume and technique. These include:

1.The species to be sampled.

2.The size of the animal to be sampled.

3.The age and health of the animal to be sampled.

4.The minimum volume required for analysis.

5.The frequency of sampling necessary.

blood collection
blood collection in animals

6.The training and experience of the personnel performing the collection.

7.The suitability of sedation and/or anesthesia.

The sample volume selected should always be the minimum volume of blood which satisfies experimental needs. Appropriate restraint (physical or chemical) should be employed to minimize risk of injury to the animal and personnel.

Guidelines for calculation of collection volume:

The maximum permitted blood volume includes blood lost during collection.
As a general rule, 20 drops = 1 mL (i.e. 5 drops = 250 uL)
Maximal blood collection limits are as follows:
No more than 1% of the animal’s body weight in one collection or over a 24 hour period. 

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