Good feeding strategy for beef production farming

Feeding Program for beef cattle

It doesn’t matter which farming approach you choose, feeding will be a critical component and one that will contribute greatly to your success or failure.

The business of beef cattle is to convert feeds into meat and your business is to ensure that happens by provision of quality feeds. Beef cattle have different nutritional requirements which are determined by the breed and the physiological status -- pregnant cows will for example require more nutrients compared to the other animals.

beef production

Breeds need to be selected that fit into a designed production system. For example, East African Zebu or the Boran may cost less in terms of feeding but will take a longer to mature and is therefore suited for large ranches.

The production system for cow-calf producers should include a cross-breeding program that utilizes two or more breeds. The breeds chosen need to produce calves that are appropriate for their end use.

In conclusion, a good beef-production farming program should be drawn with the assistant of an animal health and production expert who will advise on the best strategies to employ based on the local conditions. 

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