Breed selection criteria for profitable goat farming

Goat Breed selection for farming

Starting with and selecting the correct breeding stock will go a long way to ensuring a successful goat breeding project.


Most goat selection is based on visual appraisal, however, you cannot tell much about future productivity based on just looking at a goat. Ideally, your goat selection should be based on a combination of visual appraisal as well as an evaluation of performance records. Always choose quality over quantity!

Fertility is of the utmost importance and adaptability is also vital. You need to breed with does that are functionally effective and capable of maximizing your returns (high twinning ratio, good milk production, excellent mothering abilities and hardiness).

Your does must look feminine and have a long neck with a good wedge, which is a sign of fertility. Gentle facial features with thinner horns are more desirable. Balance, symmetry and good overall conformation are what should be sought for in good breeding does.

Reject all does with problem udders, teats that are either abnormally enlarged and multiple teats as well as overshot / undershot jaws. Pinched shoulders / 'devils grip' and loose shoulders are very undesirable traits.

Use your observation and evaluation skills to make sound purchasing decisions and purchase from established breeders with good management practices who breed out of the very best of bloodlines.

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