Benefits of Garlic in Poultry Farming

The Benefits of Garlic in Poultry Farming:

The benefits of garlic in broilers are actually more than you can possibly imagine – I promise you that.

One of the interesting things you will find out in this guide is that broiler chicken farming can be a lot easier if you are equipped with garlic.

garlic in poultry
garlic in poultry

I will say this again – there is more to the benefits of garlic than you probably know. Whether you add garlic in chickens drinking water or to their feed, there is a lot of benefits for you and your chickens. As far as my findings go, this is that reason why a lot of farmers are beginning to tap into this knowledge.

The use of garlic in broiler chicken farming might just be saving you from a lot of microbial problems. The combination of garlic and ginger is of great medicinal value here in Ethiopia. But beyond that, the effect of garlic in chickens has been discovered. Garlic will help your chickens stay clear of infectious diseases.

Surprisingly, garlic might have some effect against viruses too. It is important to mention that most of the commercially sold antibiotics are not effective in combating viruses.
Although, not much has been done to conclude that garlic can be used to treat viral diseases, allicin and derivatives are found to be active against viruses. Even if we can’t be sure of exactly how garlic can treat viral diseases, at least we can trust it in prevention.

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