6 Primary considerations for building a poultry house

6 things to consider before building a good poultry control house

Location, house design and construction materials for maintaining good bio-security of poultry farm.
When a site for a poultry farm is being considered, bio-security is rarely included in the planning. More often price of the property or proximity to the feed mill, for example, are primary considerations.

poultry housing
poultry housing

However, for long term success, bio-security must be a factor in the selection process.

1. Choose a location distant from other poultry farms to prevent spread of disease agents. A minimum of 500 meters is suggested.

2. Consider the direction of the prevailing winds to take advantage of ventilation. Consider location of housing for younger birds, including the hatchery, so they are not downwind from housing with older birds.

3. Avoid building in lowlands that are prone to flooding such as flood zones, waterways and wetlands.

4. Avoid construction in wetlands frequented by migratory birds that are known carriers of catastrophic diseases such as Avian Influenza and Newcastle. Also avoid stagnant waters.

5. Construct poultry houses away from main roads that may be used by poultry transport vehicles. A minimum of 300 meters from a road is suggested.

6. Farms should not be located close to hatcheries, feed mills or processing plants. Isolation of the facilities is a major factor in preventing disease spread.

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