11 tips to start Backyard poultry farming

Backyard poultry farming for beginners

Hygienic housing is one of the most important poultry management practices.
Backyard poultry farming
Backyard poultry farming

  1. The brooder house has to be cleaned and disinfected well before the arrival of chicks. After this preparation, the house should be left empty for 1-2 weeks before arrival of chicks.
  2. A day before chicks’ arrival, the floor has to be covered with clean and dry litter up to 2-4 inches thickness.
  3. Make sure that the brooder house is draft free, rain proof, free of rats and mice and protected against predators.
  4. Day old chicks need brooding up to 4-6 weeks of age. The chick guard can be prepared with locally available materials like card board, bamboo or plywood sheets. etc.
  5. During the first week the temperature should be 95°F (35°C) which may be reduced by 5°F per week during each successive week till 70°F (21°C).
  6. Hundred/two hundred watt bulbs can be used to maintain the temperature. Monitor the chicks for their behavior to see if they are comfortable and getting enough heat.
  7. If they hurdle together, increase the number/watt of the bulbs and if they stay away form heat source, probably they are too warm, so reduce the number/watt of bulbs.
  8. In the places where electricity is not available Stove can be used to fulfill the purpose.
  9. It should be remembered that bulbs are not only used to provide heat, but also to provide light, and light is very important for good growth, development and production of birds.
  10. For chicks, light has to be provided round the clock up to 3 weeks age. Another important factor is ventilation.
  11. Chick house should be well ventilated otherwise the ammonia produced in the house will cause ill health to chicks.

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