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Important Equine Terms 

Jog Three beated walk of the steed.

Survey The most elevated point on the highest point of the steeds head.

Compliance The general manner by which a steed is assembled.

Originator The unit of the pine box bone. Causes serious faltering.

Colic–General term portraying stomach torment. Can run in seriousness.

Scours-Term to depict looseness of the bowels in foals.

Colostrum-First milk delivered by a female horse following foaling.

Thrush-Fungal or bacterial disease of the frog; portrayed by a foul smell.


Author Founder is a difficult condition influencing the feet of a pony. In fact known as laminitis, originator will happen when the laminae winds up excited. The harm can be severe to the point that the pedal bone is never again upheld inside the foot, making it turn. This can cause serious faltering, here and there bringing about willful extermination because of the seriousness.

Colic–Colic is a term used to depict stomach torment. Colic can extend from some stomach uneasiness that is effectively soothed, to such serious torment that killing is justified. Colic regularly exhibits as pawing at the ground, moving on the ground, taking a gander at the flank, perspiring, and anorexia.

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