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Newcastle Disease in chicken

Newcastle Disease Cases

(by Maaz ahmed siddiqui)

Velogenic Viscerotropic Newcastle Disease clinical signs & symptoms in young broiler chickens. The disease occurs at 8 days old, respiratory symptom, severe respiratory symptoms, tremor, and mortality increase 3 days later, onset is rapid. chicken have vaccinated at day 1, ND live vaccine, spray.

these pictures were taken at 13 days old. lesions on bursa of fabricius (similar with gumboro disease), but on ND follow with severe of respiratory signs.

bursa, fabricius, newcastle, disease, nd, signs, symptoms, chicken, poultry, pictures
bursa of fabricius, newcastle disease
Clinical findings:

Respiratory signs of gasping, coughing, sneezing, and rales predominate in infections with NDV. Nervous signs of tremors, paralyzed wings and legs, twisted necks, circling, clonic spasms, and complete paralysis may accompany, but usually follow respiratory signs.

clinical symptoms videos, ND signs in young broiler chicken.

Gross lesions are usually seen only with viscerotropic velogenic ND, VVND. Petechiae may be seen on the serous membranes; hemorrhages of the proventriculus and intestinal serosa are accompanied by multifocal, necrotic hemorrhagic areas on the mucosal surface of the intestine, especially at lymphoid
foci such as cecal tonsils. Splenic necrosis and hemorrhage and edema around the thymus may also be seen. In contrast, lesions in birds infected with loNDV strains may be limited to congestion and mucoid exudates seen in the respiratory tract with opacity and thickening of the air sacs. Secondary bacterial infections increase the severity of respiratory lesions.

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Intestine, Newcastle Disease


intestine, lymphoid, newcatle disease, nd, chicken, pictures, symptoms, signs 
Intestine lesions, newcastle disease
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kidney, pathology, lesion, newcastle disease, nd, chicken, pictures, signs, velogenic, virus
Kidney lesions, ND
proventriculus, newcastle disease, nd, pathology, signs, symptoms, pictures, chicken
Proventriculus, newcastle disease

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