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How to keep your dog safe and friendly ?

Do you know the top four words that keep your DOG safe ?
A dog's ability to respond appropriately and reliably to certain verbal commands can mean the difference between life and death. They are

1 Come
2 Sit
3 Down, stay
4 Drop it
Your dog should be trained to consistently and quickly respond to these commands every time you give them - no matter where the two of you are, or what's happening around you.
When you're about to teach a new behavior or reinforce a recently learned behavior, remember to make it fun! Training should be an enjoyable experience for both you and your dog. The key is to make your dog want to do the behavior rather than forcing him to do it, so use whatever will draw him into the game, including your voice, playful body language, treats, toy, etc.

I would like to add one of my personal favorites to the list - "leave it". This one has come in extremely useful on walks to encourage him to not go for that random object and/or food debris or when the grandkids drop a snack or small toy

Following way to be friendly with your dog
1.make sure the dog is friendly
2.Be aware the body language of dog
3.Allow the dog to sniff you
4.keep your hand lower to Dogs head
5.Pet and interact with Dog
6.Pay attention to Dog's reaction
7.spend time with your dog
8.Take your dog for walk
9.Have your dog sit in living room
10.Groom your dog
11.Respect your dog boundaries
12.stay calm especially with your puppies
13.avoid intimidating gesture
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