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Diseases of digestive system of animal

Diseases of digestive system
       mandibulofacial malformation characterized by
absence of the lower jaw
       failure of development of the first branchial arch and  associated structures
       common in lambs
      Brachygnathia inferior or micrognathia
       Shortness of mandible
       Parrot mouth in horses
       Inherited (autosomal recessive)
       May occur with Cerebellar hypoplasia and  osteopetrosis in aberdeen angus cattle
Dental anomalies
       Anodontia: Absence of teeth, sex linked inherited in  male calves.
       Oligodontia: Fewer teeth than normal. In horse, cat,  dog (inherited)
       In brachycephalic breeds, the cheek teeth are  deficient; in toybreeds, the incisors are deficient
       Polyodontia: excessive teeth, occurs in  brachycephalic dogs; the incisors are involved
       retention of deciduous teeth after eruption of the  permanent dentition.
       Heterotopic polyodontia:
       an extra too&, or teeth, outside the dental arcade
      e.g. ear tooth of horses in branchiogenic cyst
       Cleft Palate
       Most frequent congenital anomaly
       Cause: Autosomal recessive genes; Trisomy 13 or  Patau’s syndrome
       Failure of growth and fusion of the palatine shelves  from the maxillary processes
       Communication between oral and nasal cavities in  the hard palate area
       Can't suckle properly: Defective vacuum; milk runs  out of the nose
       Animals often die of aspiration pneumonia
       Usually present in the center of hard palate
       may extend cranially to involve lips        leaving a cleft –  hare lip
       Maternal ingestion of certain drugs, or consumption  of teratogenic plants during pregnancy e.g. lupines  (teratogen ammodendrine), tobacco, due to presece  of Piperidine alkaloids (coniine, coniceine, and  anabasine)
n  Erosions
n  Involvement of mucosa & some deeper tissue
n  Ulcers
n  Having variable depth
n  Usually up to stratum spinosum
n  Mouth of dogs & other animals
n  Many infectious diseases            Ulceration; e.g. Vasicular  stomatitis, Vasicular exanthema, Rinderpest, Malignant  catarrhal fever, Herpes virus, blue tongue, mucosal  disease complex, actinobacillosis
n  Etiology: Usually physical trauma
n  Sharp awns/thorns of plants: Herbivora
n  Sharp bones: Dogs & cats
n  Caustic medicines: Chloral hydrate
n  Viral diseases: FMD, VS, VE, Rinderpest, MC Fever
n  Non-specific infections: Injury   Pyogenic bacteria  Inflammatory lesions

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