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Reason of Bad Breath in Pets (Cats & Dogs)

If you think that it’s quite normal the your breath of your pet smells bad then clinically you are absolutely wrong. It’s not a normal sign and can be an indicative of serious problem in your lovely pet. I tried to find out some main reasons of bad breath in cats and dogs. The following are the major problems causing bad breath.

1- Improper oral and dental care

The main and common cause of the bad smell from your pet’s mouth is improper care and cleaning of the oral cavity. Pets don’t clean their mouth/oral cavity by themselves, you have to do it regularly for them

2- Dental Disease

Disease/plague/tartar may the main reason of bad smelling pet’s mouth. Swelling, infection, inflammation and injury in the gum may not be visible without careful observation and that can cause continuous bad smelling breath in cats and dogs.

3- Odor producing bacteria

Some bacterial infection also cause foul smelling and that may be the reason of bad smell from pet.

4- Digestive / Respiratory / Kidney Disease

Bad/unusual smelling breath may be indicative of some serious diseases.
  • Urine like smell may be indicative of kidney problem.
  • Sweet smell may suggest the diabetic problem in your pet.
  • Vomiting like smell may point at the digestive tract problem
So, proper cleaning, brushing and washing of pet’s teeth and oral cavity is very important to avoid different oral/dental problem.
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