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Antimicrobial resistance awareness

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is the ability of hazardous organisms to resist the effects of an antimicrobial .

This means that organisms are not killed by the antimicrobial  and can continue to grow.
Here, what can one do to save all lives from upcoming problems in future occurs due to AMR;
  • What health officers can do?
    • Routine vaccinations
    • Prevent infections by clean hands, instruments and environment
    • Use right antibiotic at right dose for right duration
  • What people can do?
    • Only use antibiotics prescribed by registered medical practitioner
    • Never use left over antibiotics
    • Never share antibiotics with others
    • Frequently wash your hand to disinfect
    • Avoid contact with sick people
  • What farmers/owners can do?
    • Vaccinate animals to reduce need of antibiotics
    • Ensure and promote good manufacturing practices (GMP)
    • Ensure improve hygiene, biosecurity and livestock management practices
    • Antibiotic must be used as prescribed and supervised by veterinary doctor 
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